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90% OFF Re-Launch SALE

Hello Cat lovers!

My name is Maya and I am the owner of Art of Paws Pet Furniture.

We are currently running a giveaway relaunch for our CAT PERCHES. This means that we are heavily discounting our perches from the usual £19.97 down to £1.99! There is a limit of one cat perch per household. Here is our Cat Perch which we are “giving away” at £1.99

How does the re-launch work?

Step 1:

Email to confirm that you would like to order the cat perch. 

Step 2:

You will receive an email reply with a link to the cat perch at a special price of £1.99 on the Amazon website.

**The special price will be live for 5 minutes ONLY**

     Please note:

    This will be an add-on item since it’s so cheap, so please have another item in your cart to achieve the minimum of £20 total which Amazon requires. You can always return the other item since Amazon has a 30 day return policy.


      How does this benefit Art of Paws?

      For our re-launch, we ask that you post pictures of your cats enjoying the cat perch. You can share these via Amazon and Facebook. I will send a follow up email with the link to post a review with photos of the cat perch about 7 days after your purchase so you have time to install the perch.

      If you are interested in purchasing the Art of Paws cat perch for £1.99 and participating in the re-launch of our cat perches by sharing pictures of your cats enjoying the perch, please e-mail when you are ready to make the purchase on 

      This re-launch will end as soon as we have sufficient participants, please email soon to avoid disappointment.

       Best wishes from Maya and the four kitcats at Art of Paws