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Cat Perch

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    • KEEP YOUR CAT HAPPY AND HEALTHY: An active cat is a healthy cat, but let’s face it- sometimes our feline friends just want a cat perch to lay around on. The Art of Paws Cat Shelf System provides your kitty with new opportunities to climb, stretch, scratch, and explore!
    • HELP SHARPEN KITTY’S NATURAL INSTINCTS: Our little furry friends are not much different than their big cat cousins, and they share much of the same instincts. Climbing and Scratching on the round cat scratcher design of the Art of Paws Cat Scratching Post will have your kitty feeling like a Lion perched in a tree gazing over their Kingdom! Imagine how happy your cat will be with a cat window perch!
    • ELEGANT WOODEN CAT FURNITURE MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIAL: Most cat steps and cat wall shelves products are made with cheap sisal rope that quickly fray and come undone. Art of Paws modern cat furniture products use long lasting, scratch-resistant sisal carpeting that is guaranteed to last—protected by a three year guarantee!
    • FULLY ASSEMBLED AND MOUNTED IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES: You won’t need an engineering degree to assemble and mount your sisal cat post. All tools and easy-to-ready instructions are included in the packaging, and your kitty will be exploring their newfound vertical cat stairs territory in under five minutes!
    • THREE YEAR GUARANTEE: Art of Paws cat furniture products are made to last, which is why we confidently offer an unheard of THREE YEAR guarantee on our products. We are excited for your kitty to enjoy their cat shelves and perches forever!